Idaho Reentry Summit on Criminal Justice

The Idaho Reentry Series is hosted by BarNone quarterly and brings stakeholders from across Idaho together to discuss topics on reentry.

The Idaho reentry Summit on Criminal Justice included a panel of Idahoans from various areas of impact who will provide insight on Idaho’s criminal justice system:

Panelists included:

Idaho State Senator Todd Lakey (District 12) – Chairman of the Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee

Idaho State Representative Lauren Necochea (District 19) – sponsor of the Fair Chance Employment Act

Jason Zimmerman – impacted citizen and criminal justice reform advocate

Mary Failing – impacted citizen and criminal justice reform advocate

Tim Leigh – Reentry Services Manager, Idaho Department of Correction

Ruby Mendez-Mota – campaign strategist with the ACLU of Idaho

As Idaho’s citizen Legislature works on bills, hold hearings, and votes on legislation, we wanted to bring together folks with diverse perspectives on the criminal justice system to discuss what the State of Idaho is currently doing to address crime and improve outcomes for citizens who are involved in the criminal justice system, consider options for the future of our criminal justice system, and receive input from community members in attendance.

One topic of relevant discussion will be the Fair Chance Employment Act, a bill co-sponsored by Representative Necochea (District 19), which seeks to “ban the box” found on job applications that requires persons with criminal histories to disclose them up front. By eliminating this question on employment application forms, people who are living with criminal histories will no longer encounter a barrier to employment before they have had the chance to sit down with an employer for an interview. A seemingly simple change will increase opportunities for tens of thousands of Idahoans with criminal histories so they can provide for themselves and their families and achieve success, having paid great consequences for their previous poor choices.

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