We stand at the margins because that’s the only way they get erased.

The world will accuse you of wasting your time but in this place which you say is a waste there will be heard again the voice of mirth and gladness – the voices of those who sing .

Make those voices heard.

You go to the margins not to make a difference but so that the folks on the margins may make you different.

Father Gregory Boyle, homeboy industries

Idaho incarcerates thousands of men and women
Idaho incarcerates men and women at higher rates than the national average
Incarceration only tells part of the story. Idaho has tens of thousands of men and women under criminal justice supervision

We believe that the best solutions to address crime, incarceration, and reentry rates are found in the community. Incarceration isn’t the most effective or efficient way to address undesirable behavior. Community is.

We are working to bring together a coalition of community partners, stakeholders, and citizens to brainstorm ways to prevent crime, reduce victimization, and increase public safety.

This includes you. You can help make our neighborhoods safer, reduce incarceration and spending on prisons, and strengthen our communities.

Idaho arrests over 27,000 mean and women each year
Those who are arrested in Idaho typically are poor, unemployed, and lack even a high school diploma
Those arrested in Idaho are more likely to suffer from serious health needs